Fly Behavior

A stylist curated collection of not so common fashion for the everyday influential gal.

FlyBehavior represents a way of life. Its about being strong and taking chances. Its expression through personal style. Its confidence. Its the feeling you get when the soles of that sexy new pair of shoes hits the pavement for the first time. Its mixing designer brands with thrift store finds... Its a toast to Life, Love and Fashion.
— Tee Capel

The Idea

Gathering international style inspiration to report back to our  #flybehavinggal in the form of a ever changing collection.  We vow to keep you updated with whats necessary to influence the fashion scene.

The Style

We are committed to curating a collection that is unique, wearable and classic with the perfect amount of  edge. Our buyers love for travel can be felt in our brands international street style inspired looks.   

The Quality

You must not only look good, you must feel good and withhold the test of time. We feel the same way about ourselves as we do the items we add to our collection. Quality fabrics guaranteed.